Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crochet School, my new obsession

Well I've only been a knitter for a few years now but I love it.  Now I'd always heard that knitting was way harder than crochet but I found just the opposite to be true, that is after I already knew how to knit.  Trying to switch over to this other yarn craft has eluded me for over a year now.  I'd bought a couple books, watched videos online and tried and tried but no luck.  So this last craft day we had I basically demanded we conquer crochet, especially since a couple of the girls already have a basic knowledge of the hows and whats.  Here's what I made that day, after many hours of watching horribly corrupting reality TV and eating way too much as usual.
Great little wash cloth right?  Well I felt so empowered that I was going to try a new pattern.  I've been wanting to learn how to make amigurumi ever since I discovered them(this being my true reason for learning crochet) so I dove right in.  It was very quickly apparent that I was over my head.  Doing a series of double crochets to make a square was one thing but doing all that stuff in the round?  Forget it.  Well I'm not really one to admit defeat to a craft so I started looking for more resources online and found this gem.

Craftyminx is a great little blog written by Dana.  Before I go into a rant of how I love her blog lets just talk about this amazing series she did called Crochet School.  If you have ever wanted to learn crochet, for FREE mind you, this is the ticket.  She splits the school into 23 simple lessons worded for normal people, not that I'm normal but you get my drift.  Her lessons are great and packed with super clear videos.  There's even a syllabus and homework.  Personally I've reached the midterm in three days.  I can't wait for the second half of the course, especially to start on granny squares.  So what does this all mean?  I feel like a much more well rounded crafter with even just the information I've gotten this far.  Can't say enough nice things about Craftyminx for helping me too.  Go check her out and stay tuned for some of my crochet projects!

Yarn over on!

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  1. Crochet is fabulous, I love it. I have some free patterns/tutos on my blog of you're ineterested ;-)