Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey day from the whole Rhinestone Beagle family. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let the wonder begin....

The homemade holiday gift giving has already begun in my household and it makes me so happy.  I had a friend of mine ask for a classic sock reindeer for her birthday present this year.  Her birthday is at the end of November and she wanted the reindeer to put up for Christmas so it was a better call as a birthday gift than an actual Christmas gift.
I have made four of these guys so far.  I found the pattern at a thrift store in Montana and I carried it around with me for for over a decade before I finally made it.  I started out with one for me and loved it so much I made one to share with my work office, then a friend in the office wanted one and offered to pay for one so I made her one for Christmas last year as a gift instead.  Another office friend loved hers so much she wanted one too! And so it goes.....  I know of at least one more I will make this year alone.

The pattern is amazingly fun and the instructions are easy to follow.  I was able to master sewing a curve after all the sewing of the leaves.  You can find copies of this exact pattern for sale on Etsy or maybe eBay.  The company that manufactured the original pattern in the 1980's has a website, and though I did not see that specific pattern for sale they had many really cute animal themed craft patterns!  I would recommend any Cotton Ginny  pattern, the end result is fantastic!   

I will be putting up more Christmas gifts as I finish them, I have a great Dr. Who cross stitch that I am almost done with and I am insanely proud of it!  I also have some quick dinner recipes to share to keep you warm and well fed during these busy weeks.

May your days be Merry and Bright!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

HTTC - Costumed Canines, Bride of Frankenstein

Gidget is starring as the bride of Frankenstein this year.  She said she'd never really marry Mr. Biscuit but the costume is acceptable.  Happy Howl-oween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HTTC - Costumed Canines, Franken-biscuit

Have you ever wondered what it looked like to spend way too much time on a dog costume but every second was actually worth it in the end?  Well here you go.  This is the first creation from Dr. S. Frankenstein.   She pieced together all the adorable puppy parts we had laying around and zapped it with some attitude.  HE'S ALIVE!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

HTTC - Crocheted Spooky Kitchen Towels

This all started last year at a thrift store. My father was looking for some pictures to hang up in his home and is "thrifty" to say it nicely.  We found a very large Faith sponsored Thrift Store, and I mean huge, it took up most of the strip mall it was located in and then still had another separate store for furniture! I found a some cute decorations I used for work...and then there was this hand towel.

This hand towel was amazing, like when you see a piece or a bit or a bob of a craft that you have no idea how to do but it speaks to you so much, like calls out to your crafter soul, that you must purchase it.  Martha Stewart once said that if that happens you MUST get the item, you may not know what to do with it at that exact moment but one day you will and you will be all that much happier that you bought it!  This towel was all of that in one inexpensive package.  For $2 I got the hand towel and a matching washcloth.  These two were pristine, never been used, not even by a little old lady who drove it to church on Sundays.  The towel was plush and soft, it even had that fine thread fringe on the bottom, perfect for luxurious hand drying moments.  But what put the whole thing over the top was the immaculate brown and tan leaves and flowers with a delicate orange and yellow butterfly delicately alighting on one of the flowers. The Seventies decorating glory in one beautiful towel. 

I bought it post haste with the goal of learning how to crochet a hanger on top of it so I could display it in all its epicness in my kitchen.  Fast forward six months: I find the towel in my To-Do box and think now is the time to try this.  I wandered on over to the Pinterest and started hunting for a pattern to try out on my towel.  I found a classic looking hanging towel look and a pattern I felt I could do and set to work.  By far the punching the holes in the towel is the hardest part, and as my husband told me "it can't be that bad, old ladies make those", I admit it is not really that difficult.  I used a funky gold brown to match the color scheme of the towel and in less than two hours I had a new hanging kitchen hand towel!

I have been wanting to work through the pattern again so when I found these skeleton towels in my Halloween decor I knew what had to be done.  I love these towels but I could never find an appropriate way to display them.  I have Halloween decorations that take up almost the entire rack for hanging on the oven so these guys were often left out in the bathroom which never did them justice.  Enter some bright and creepy acrylic yarns in my stash and we have a recipe for thrifty functionality. Not only do I get to use my pattern again but I get to make my cute towels functional. Epic Win!

The pattern belongs to Harlean at Thrifty Fun! Considering how inexpensive the supplies are and how fast you can whip up a satisfying and functional craft I support her aptly named site.  You can find the original pattern here: Crochet Kitchen Towel

Halloween Crochet Kitchen Towel

Fingertip or Hand towel
4 ply yarn in whatever color makes you happy
Large metal knitting needle or Ice pick (this makes the holes in the towel material)
Size G crochet hook
Fun button and needle and thread to sew it on

ch= chain
SC= Single Crochet
DC= Double Crochet

Fold towel in half width wise evenly or you can cut the towel in half to make two thinner ones. Using the metal knitting needle or ice pick, punch holes through both layers of the towel 1/2 inch apart and about 1/4 inch down from the fold of the towel.  This will be your base holes for your stitches.  I crocheted into each hole as I punched it but you can always punch the holes all out and then go back and start your crocheting.

Base Row (into the holes in the towel): SC in First hole, ch1* SC in next hole, ch1. Repeat from * across. ch2, turn.

2nd Row: DC in each SC (Skip the ch1 stitches) across, ch2, turn.

3rd Row: Skip one DC, *DC in next DC, skip next DC. Repeat from * across, ch2, turn.

4th Row: DC in each ch1 space ending with a DC in turning ch, ch2, turn.

5th Row: Skip first ch1 space, DC in next space*Skip next space, DC in next space. Repeat from * across with DC in turning ch, ch2, turn.

6th Row: DC in each DC across, ch2, turn. You should have 8 DCs.

7th-15th Rows: Repeat row six.

16th Row: DC in first 3 DCs, ch2, Skip 1 DC (this makes the button hole), DC in next 3 DCs, ch2, turn.

17th Row: DC in first 3 DCs, 2 DCs in ch2 space, DC in next 3 DCs, ch2 turn.

18th Row: SC in each DC across. Fasten off and weave yarn end into your work. Fasten your button into the center of the 6th row.  Now sit back and admire your thrifty ingenuity!

I well admit this is not a massive crafty undertaking, but it is no less satisfying.  As I seek to clean out my world, to consume less and enjoy more, crafts like this fit right in.  I can use things I already have to create useful decorative items.  They are also a handmade gift I feel good about giving, not just a nice trinket, but a thoughtful gift my loved ones can use daily. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Here is a little "treat" for original towel!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

HTTC - Costumed Canines, Auntie Bellum

Abby is quite stylish in her Auntie Bellum costume.  She may not be the greenest thumb though, she has planted many a tennis ball tree, yet so far, none have grown. :(

Thursday, October 15, 2015

HTTC - Costumed Canines, Igor

Every mad scientist needs the crazy assistant. Dino was born for this role. Just look at that face.