Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fab or Flop: Homemade Feminine Facial hair removal

Ok, so I am not the most feminine of ladies, I'm not offensive, just not super girly.  I am not keen on the skirt or the dress, though I am starting to eyeball the long cottony ones for the summer that just look so pretty in the breeze.  I don't wear makeup unless I am wearing a costume for a comic book convention.  My husband likes Rom-Coms more than I do and I have G.I. Joe and Transformer stickers on the side of my jeep.  I am more of a tomboy type, even my summer sandals look like they have a safety toe on them, but there are just some things a lady can't abide no matter how un-girly we claim to be, and that my friends is feminine Magnum PI mustache!

I have tried to pretend that my facial hair was normal for a woman, and most of it is.  I have cute peach fuzz on most of may face giving me a nice summer glow, you mix that with my baby hairs at my temple hair line and its quite becoming.  Both of these hairs make me happy, but that under the nose stuff...um no.  It was too dark to go unnoticed and too thick to blend in therefore it must be destroyed!  Thanks to a sweet Pinterest search we had a fantastic Hair Removal idea.  Its all natural and only has two ingredients.  I was very scared at first but the husband convinced me to give it a go, he even offered his back to try it out on if I wanted it.

The recipe is equal parts white sugar and real lemon juice, we did 3/4 cup of each to start.  I wouldn't go much less just because you have to boil it on the stove top and if you don't have enough ingredient in the pan it could possibly burn.  To get 3/4 cup lemon juice we squeezed the brains out of 4 big lemons.

Mix the white sugar and the lemon juice in a small sauce pan and cook over medium-high high heat stirring often until nice and thick.  We are basically making candy with this.  I know we got up to 230 degrees on the thermometer but the best test for facial sugar wax doneness is the cold glass of water test.  Take a drop of your cooked candy, I mean facial sugar wax, at various points during cooking process and let it fall into a cold glass of water.  If it dissolves it still needs to cook, if it holds together in a little ball and sinks to bottom of the glass than you are done!  You mixture should be marmalade colored.

Let the sugar wax cool in the pan until it is barely luke warm.  It should still be spreadable but at no point be hot to your skin.  With a cotton ball dust the facial area to be waxed with baby powder, your goal is to get the powder on your skin beneath the hair to keep the wax from sticking.   Cut up an old t-shirt into strips about two inches by three inches.  With the back of a spoon or a wood craft stick smear the sugar wax on the parts of your face that needs waxing, I got it all up in that stash let me tell you.  Take the strip of t-shirt and spread it over the wax, working it down into the wax with your finger tips, use that sticky quotient to your advantage.  I used a cold pack to give it some solidity before pulling it off by holding it over the waxy part of the strip until chilled.  Then hold down that lip and let her rip! Not going to lie, it stings like heck! But it has to be done and this is better than the chemically infused alternative.  I had very little redness or sensitivity.  Gently wipe of the extra sticky and apply a calming moisturizer.  

This is totally fab! I am no longer ashamed of my stash and we were able to make our own sugar wax to take care of the problem, happy day! Give this simple recipe a try if you need to do a bit of hair taming of your own, you can store the extra in a lidded jar in the fridge and warm it up as needed.



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