Saturday, July 30, 2016

Farm Quiet Book Page 3 - A Horse of Ribbons

Next up on our quiet book is my favorite farm animal - the Horse.  Side note -  I actually went to school to study horses and worked in the field for a period of time after college until I decided I didn't want to be broke for my whole life and that horses would be a hobby in my life's future instead of a career.

This guy was surprisingly a lot faster than the chicks I posted last week.  First I drafted a little paper pattern for his head and ears and then we set off to make the mane.  I knew I wanted to make something fun to grab and opted for ribbon since I figure it will launder better than yarn in the long run.  I drew a line along the back of where his neck would be as a guide first. Then using my sewing machine I attached each of the folded over pieces of orange ribbon along the neck line.  No crazy measuring here, just stuck piece after piece under the foot as I went along.  When I got done with the orange I repeated the step with yellow for more color.  Each of the pieces of ribbon were 4" long.  I also added a couple pieces on his forehead since horses have mane that comes down between their ears too.

You can see the machine stitching in white thread on this picture of the back.

Next was to blanket stitch around his little ear in the back and then the main body.  I added a little nostril and smile to his face too.

Last but not least was his eye which I satin stitched on just like the chicks from last week's page.

Done!  Love this guy.  Stay tuned for next week's page.  I've got 7 more planned.

Craft on!

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