Saturday, July 23, 2016

Farm Quiet Book Page 2 - Peek a Boo Chicks

What came first, the chick or the egg?  Who says we have to choose.  Why not make a page about both?  This page is all about the way chicks break out of their shell.

I started out with an egg shape and stitched down some crack lines first before blanket stitching it to the page.

Next was a broken egg so that my Little One can lift up the flap to see who's inside.

Last but not least a happy little chick flapping his wings about.  I attached the wings only where they would come off the chicks body so they flap like real ones.

All the faces are satin stitched.  I'm not going to use glue in this book in the hopes of it lasting a long time so stitching was the only way to go.  I did add a little orange triangle under the beak stitching to make it a little more raised than the eyes.

Have to say I'm loving this quiet book more and more with each page.  Stay tuned for the next farm topic in felt.

Craft on!


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