Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Farm Quiet Book Page 1 - The Little Red Tractor

My little one is all of a sudden almost 6 months old.  I haven't yet finished a project for him and figure it's time to start.  With all the time I have been spending breastfeeding there has been a good amount of Pinterest surfing while stuck in a chair feeding him.  That means a lot of new boards and pins have been discovered.  One of my favorite new topics is quiet books.  I love the idea of making one just for him with things we love so Im going to start with a farming book.

I'll be posting each page as I finish and show you how I stitch them all together in the end for a finish product.  Here's the first finished page.....

I come from a farming family and my grandfather always had IH/Farmall tractors so rather than the John Deere green we went with red.  The tires are attached with white buttons so when he gets a little older he can practice taking them on and off.  I love how the blanket stitch around the edge looks like tread.  Inspiration came from this QB page.

Stay tuned for our next page.

Craft on!


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