Sunday, February 20, 2011

Take THAT! Snow-nami.....

I would like to start off by thanking the Eastern Seaboard for coming up with such great terms as Stormaggedon and Snowacane so that when we the Midwest got hit we had some snappy terms to use! So, building off that point, we decided to sneer our collective mouths at winter and taunt him a second time by showing off our love of all things warm and snugly. That's right, we made our own jammy bottoms. I can hear the collective "oh, that sounds nice" coming from the computer as you read that, let me tell you it is.  If you have never tried to make your own jammies you really should.  I mean there is nothing more comfortable than a good fitting pair of jammy bottoms, I know this to be a fact because people wear them to the grocery store or for some reason on vacation flights to and from Mexico. This is assuming they are wearing them in public because of the comfort not to make an actual fashion statement.
We had some first time pattern readers so it was a great time to learn to use them, as well as following directions.  One of our members didn't even have to go and buy a pattern she just made it up using a pair of jammies she already had, brilliant! Jammie bottom patterns are very easy and a super project for beginners to navigate their way around with.  Our fabric choices were varied, but as always fun! We had fuzzy owls, pink paw prints, Ranger Rick styled animals, pink ninja monkeys, swirly fun flowers, and some very adult blue patterned ones.  We always seem to have one person who bucks the system and make something close to what we are making but not exactly: this time it was a cute nightgown for a younger niece made from this textured pick fabric that made you hope that some tiny white lace would be attached to it somehow. It was adorable.                                                                      
Ok so we got our fabric pinned and cut and commenced with the sewing.  We had three machines, two with white thread and one with pink.  Let the whirlwind begin! Lots of chatting and cutting, followed by trimming and sewing.  Several pair had to be taken in for size issues, mostly of the "I cut this way too big" variety.    Though we had to talk one out of making her bottoms almost skin tight, which so not on the comfy "to do " list. There were even impromptu pockets, cuffs, and awesome ribbon drawstrings added.  Lots of trying on, then adjusting, trying on again, hysterical laughing, and more sewing.  Most of us needed a tutorial on how to sew the crotch, with the statement "where is the crotch on this thing?" I don't think anyone got to sew the whole thing on their own machine, it's always good to shake up the system and learn to look outside your bobbin box. 
Dinner is always great during the craft club, this time we had green beans in all of our non-sweet items.  Totally not planned, we had a bit off a giggle from it, though all the beans tasted so different we didn't mind. 
We finished those jammy pants in record time, which for us is well before midnight, and a few of us decided to try the "sausage pillowcase" by Judy of the Quilt of Valor Foundation.  Let me tell you this thing is fast and fun.  We are going to do a quick tutorial on this this week, you will love it. I am a total addict of this pattern! Links and a toot are on the way, no fear.
If don't already experiment with sewing your own clothes you really should.  Spring is coming lets whip out those awesome fabrics and brighten up our days.
Keep it fun,
Kelly, the origami ninja
Sadie is always involved in the creative process, she never lets us down.


  1. Wow, looks like a great time was had by all. I can't follow a pattern to save my life - wish I could have been there. I've made the pcases and they are fun.

  2. Looks like much fun, and you got great jammies to boot!