Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our New Addition


Mr. Biscuit!

We brought him home on Saturday, hence the lack of posts here at the blog.  Sorry to neglect our readers but its been a crazy couple of days with this new little guy.  I still have yet to put together our Easter basket.  Yep I'll get there eventually.

We've been wanting to get a companion for Sadie for some time so we finally bit the bullet this weekend.  We are big advocates in adopting unwanted pets so Saturday we took a trip to one of our local shelters, Wright Way Rescue, where he was waiting for us with some of his other litter mates.  He's a heeler mix, about 10 weeks old, and all cuteness.  Sadie loves him more every day.  They even posed for a pic together for me.

Of course there's nothing like puppy napping pictures to make me smile so here's a couple of those too.

Stay tuned for many more pictures and the beginning of Mr. Biscuit's crafting adventures with the other dogs here at Rhinestone Beagle.

Craft on!


  1. OMG he looks just like a little jack russell, he is gorgeous, look at his little tongue, I want to squeeze and cuddle him.... we rescued both our jack russell and cross bred spaniel, there are so many not so lucky. Sadie is going to love having a playmate.

  2. AW!!! He's a little doll!!! LOVE IT! Congrats on the new little guy!

  3. Holy cuteness! Welcome Mr. Biscuit! Great pictures of the litte guy too! Oh, that tongue.. and puppy breath *sigh* The mister and I are planning dog #2, but it may not be until next year. I hope he is settling in nicely and looking forward to seeing more puppy adventures!

  4. Omg thats seriously the cutest dog ever!!!!!

  5. Oh my! What a cute puppy! Welcome to the blogging world, Mr. Biscuit! :)
    Congrats on the new family member!

  6. Squeal! I love puppies! I hope is such a blessing to you! :)

  7. Congrats on your adoption - the only way to go!
    Welcome Mr. Biscuit, your adorable!

  8. He's so cute! I love that you got him from the shelter.

  9. Wow, he is a cutie! I got my baby(yorkie) from a shelter so I know how wonderful it is.
    Friday we are going to a charity event for the humane society. I love giving back to those animals that need homes. Love this post!!!

  10. They are just too cute. It makes me want to convince my hubby we NEED a dog. Just so I can have cute pictures like these:>

  11. He is so precious! Congratulations on your new family member! Mr. Biscuit is blessed to be part of your family. It warms my heart to know another dog has been rescued and in a loving home. Yay! Thanks for sharing all of the photos. :-)