Thursday, May 26, 2011

Linky Party Thursday

(Sorry for the afternoon post.  I was in the midst of some craft room makover funtime this morning.)
Welcome back to another week of

Rhinestone Beagle

Here's the favorites from last week.

Oh the fun going on over @ Ms Not So Perfect.  I love the use of something laying around the house to show both love and sass for one's family.

Kalie @ Pink Ink Doodle whipped up some super cute magnets.  I was thinking how sweet they would be if you used comic book papers.  Thor magnets here I come!

Im all about FOOD this week!

Paige from the Crunchy Mamacity posted a great recipe for healthy granola bars that are now in my recipe folder.  (Yes I have a folder.  NERD!)  They look totally easy!

Hungry Homebody posted a recipe for these cute little mini meatloaves.  Now if you know me you'll know that meatloaf is my favorite meal.  These are extra awesom cuz they're made with ground turkey (Healthy alert!) and you make them in a cupcake pan!
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Rhinestone Beagle

Here's the rules we ask you follow if you wanna party with us.
  • Link up any project you want as long as its made by you.  That means sewing, painting, recipes, photography, DIYs, and anything else creative you can think of.
  • Please NO ETSY SHOP links.  I already spend way too much time shopping there.
  • We would giggle with delight if you would grab our button!  No pressure though; it's not mandatory to participate.
  • Show some love and visit a couple of the other crafty projects and leave some comments.  It's nice to know someone other than your family and friends is actually looking at your posts out there in cyberspace.
OK here we go.  Lets see whatcha got!


  1. Hey! Thanks for featuring my mini meat loaves!

    if you have a chance, can you change the blog name referenced in your post to Hungry Homebody (rather than Bistro Express?).

    Enjoy the meatloaves and thanks again... super excited to be featured :D

  2. I totally fixed the name. Sorry about the mixup.

  3. Pretty magnets...comic book papers would be super fun also!

    I love meatloaf so tiny ones would be really neat!