Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tag sale you're it!

You know of what I speak.  Don't be ashamed to say it out loud. Shout it from the roof tops people: it's Garage/Yard/Estate sale season! I have been reading your posts and comments, I have seen how you upcycle, what craziness you can do with paint and Mod podge. Don't even try to hide the fact that you love them too, I know you do. Which is why we need to celebrate the first buy of the season. It was a lovely Estate sale followed by a Garage sale duo. The first event was this crazy Estate sale. Now crazy is not being used to describe the actual sale Anita and I attended, but the fact that this was the FOURTH sale for this home.  The first sale was nothing but clothing, which we heard from the company that ran the sale was of epic proportions.  The second sale was just Christmas decorations, and the third was everything else.  So here we are at the fourth sale, and on the last day of it at that so everything is half off.  Last day, half off, there must have been nothing good to peruse right? Nope, we dominated!  The basement was full of fabric, patterns for clothing, sewing notions, and craft magazines. We got a sweet vintage suitcase, a wonderful collection of craft supplies, some Christmas decorations, yard art, hankies, cooking supplies, a latch hook skunk, and a big ole jar!  Doesn't Sadie look adorable with her new hankie?  There was a cutting board purchased with the International company logo on it that fell apart right after washing so we are going to learn about wood glue this weekend.

Our haul was so awe inspiring, so gratifying, that we didn't want the fun to end. So we took the party to a nearby garage sale. We had a great conversation with the Garage sale owner.  She used to be a major fixture in the craft sale arena and was really friendly.  We chatted and bought some great stuff.  I got some cute Chip and Dale Christmas ornaments, and we both got totally cool quilt books.  I mean these books are killer.  Be prepared blog buddies because I see quilts becoming a fixture in the posting future.  My book had dragons and spiders and Anita's even had a ghost!

We would like to pass along a great web page that helps locate Estate sales in your area. You can plot out your plan of attack before you even leave the comfort of your jammies.

Tell us your great finds, we love to hear from you!
Kelly, origami ninja

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  1. I miss garage sales and estate sales. There are hardly ever any here where I live. I have to drive 30 miles or so to even find anymost times-way before daylight.You got some great stuff though!