Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle - UPDATE

Well the second leg of our garden updates wasn't expected to take this long, especially since I bought my plants over a week ago.  We were movin right along, got the roto tilling done when the rains came.  It seems like its been raining everyday for the past two weeks.  I had to wait two weeks before that because the soil was too wet to just till it over, let alone put plants in the ground.  Yesturday I'm proud to say, I got the plants and seeds in the ground.  Now we just keep our fingers crossed and wait.  The only thing I have left to get in the ground are my herbs and seed potatoes.

Here's a little list of the plants and varieties I'm attempting to grow and how I've got them laid out in the garden.
  • Beans  - Burpee's tenderpod 
  • Beets - Detroit dark red 
  • Broccoli - Premium crop
  • Carrot - Kaleidoscope mix 
  • Corn - Sweet corn
  • Cucumbers - Chicago pickling
  • Eggplant - Fairy tale, Ghostbuster
  • Peppers - Golden summer, Jalapeno, Purple beauty, Red beauty
  • Spinach - Baby leaf hybrid
  • Squash - Table ace acorn squash
  • Tomatoes - Brandywine, Caspian pink(2), Costoluto Genovese, German Johnson, Pineapple, Mr. Stripey, White, Yellow pear
Click here to see the mapped layout.

Stay tuned for projects to come:
Plant markers 
Path through garden from recycled bricks
Berry garden
Raised bed herb garden
Concrete stepping stones
and more

Garden on!


  1. good start! looking forward to seeing more

  2. Your garden sounds fantastic! Grow baby grow!! And I can't wait to see what you use for plant markers... I seriously need some inspiration to make something for my garden. Cheers to fresh veggies soon!

  3. Great video! Thanks so much for sharing in the DIY Project Parade! I'm including a link back in tomorrow's highlights. :)


  4. I just posted about my garden. It does not have as much variety but it's still a small start. We had the same problem here with all the rain. Finally, sunshine and planting. Good luck with yours.


  5. This is all foreign to me but it is something I have on my bucket list to do and learn. I will have to get myself one of those great hats though first. :)
    Love that you included a video. Love your babies. Too cute.
    Thanks for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful.