Friday, June 24, 2011

Crafting Charity of the month: June

I like to knit. I kind of like to knit things with inexpensive acrylics that have great universal color that keeps me from having to worry about dye lots, cause I only really worry about dye lots when it's too late and I am almost done with the project and I just ran out of yarn. I REALLY like to knit things that give me a lot of bang for my proverbial time buck as well, as in " oh look at what I made, and in only 4 hours!"  This brings me to a very fine example of this crafter's paradox of producing an awesome craft in a short time: the knit baby hat.  It's cute, can be made in any rainbow of color combinations, and I have never know anyone not to be completely overjoyed at the gift of a homemade knit item for their baby.  They think we slaved for hours over this gift of love for them, but I know the truth.  I swear I will never tell how fast these suckers knit up.  Non-knitters never have to know our secrets and actual time taken does not detract from the love worked into the item.
 I have knit so many of these over the years...I am not that old, but I do have some very fertile friends and co-workers.  My favorite pattern is in the book Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stoller.  It's the umbilical cord hat. I was a bit weirded out by the name, but once you have seen it all knit up in its glory the name works well and pearched on top of a fuzzy baby head, looks quite adorable.  This patterns knits up insanely fast and is as customizable as it gets.  You can add stripes, or duplicate stitch on patterns or letters, and I will sometimes leave off the cord and add in some hot pom pom action to top it all off.  Any which way you knit it this hat looks great on a baby's noggin.
With that chatty lead in I would like to introduce a new monthly event over here at the Beagle: The Crafty Charity of the Month.  I inherited some yarn from a relative that passed away, as I am the only yarny person in my family it all comes to me.  So with tons of odd yarns in hand I challenged a friend to a baby hat knit/crochet off.  She kicked my hiney royally, like 6 to 14 or something embarrassing like that.  But we decided to donate our competitive efforts to Caps to the Capital, a program donating baby hats to needy little ones.  Save the Children  identified simple, low-cost practices that can save newborn lives – like warming their heads with a knit or crocheted cap. They partnered with Warm Up America to help spread this simple message.  They collected caps from all 50 states made by all people from all walks of life, hundreds of caps all made out of concern for the saftey of a newborn life.  These little hats and any of the accompanying messages were taken to our Capitol as a sign that we are willing to do what it takes to save lives.  These wonderful gifts were then donated to tiny heads in need in Bangladesh and Malawi. 
I know I don't always know how to help when I want to do something more than just donate money.  Yes, a monetary donation is always welcome, but sometimes I want to get involved, I want to engage my skills to help others. Do you have a favorite charity that we could aid with our craftiness?  We would love to feature them here and get the word out so others can use their creativity to help. Let us know!

Keeping it moving forward,
Kelly, the origami ninja

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  1. I know a program but it's deadline is coming quickly. Knit for Japan. There is a collection of hand knit and crocheted items being donated to the victims of disaster earlier this year in Japan.

    Please do post any programs you find! I really love being able to make something for people in need. I don't have the funds to donate monetarily but yarn finds its way to me (not in huge quantities but enough to keep my hands busy.)

    Love your blog name. I'm a fur-momma to two beagles. They love my knitting and crocheting.. especially when I leave it in a pile that they can turn into a pillow.