Sunday, June 19, 2011

Warrior Tutus!

Got mud?
I had the best time today rolling around in the mud.  Really....mud!  I did a race even today with a group of girls called the Warrior Dash.  Is basically a 5K with a bunch of obstacles.  You crawl through mud, jump over fire and repel down giant rope/wood towers.  ITS AWSOME!  The best part about this race is that people dress up all wacky to run it.  Everything from Vikings to Batman to the Easter bunny.  It's a totally fun run and we had a blast.  Our group uniform was hot pink tutus, pink camo bandanas, and homemade jerseys with our selected viking/nordic names and numbers.  Look at how poofy I was at the beginning.

Here's how I made my tutu:
1.  First get about 20 yards of cheap tule.  You can use less if you don't want so much poof.  I got mine on sale for 78 cents and yard.  I also used three different pinks but you can do one color too.

2.  Cut your tule into 18" by 6" strips.  This takes a while since its so much fabric.

3.  Measure your waist and make a band from elastic to fit.  I liked the wide/no roll stuff.

4.  Now all your do is take two pieces at a time and double knot them, in the middle, around your elastic all the way around.  It helps to wrap your waistband around a chair to tie your knots.

5.  Tada!  Instant tutu.

I used transfer paper that you print on your home printer to make my jersey.  Remember if you are doing something like this you need to get the transfer paper for dark fabrics or it wont show up on the black shirt.
Add some more fun accessories and you are ready to do your first warrior dash!  Here's the before and after pictures.

No the tutus didn't make it.  After army crawling through the mud they weighed like 80 pounds so we ditched them.  Thankfully they are really easy to make.

Race on!


  1. Oh my gosh! You guys are freakin awesome! Love the tutus and especially the mud accessories! Hope you will share your awesomeness with the Pink Hippo Party @

  2. ahhh! that look like so much FUN! poor tutu.

  3. You look like you had an amazing time of it!! Look at all that mud! Great tutu, tutorial too! I have definetly wanted to do one of these.. and have not been brave enough to. Good stuff!

  4. I love this! I'm planning on doing the warrior dash in our area in Sept-I'm thinking a tutu would be a fun way to kick it off!

  5. haha fun! All of the tu-tus look great!

  6. Oh my! You're certainly more brave than me. We recently had a mud volleyball fundraiser here in Albuquerque and, although I knew a few people who participated, I just couldn't stand the thought of all that mud!
    I nominated you for the Best in Show award on my blog this week. Be sure to vote! Good luck :)

  7. Great photos, new follower here from
    Karima xx

  8. Hey how come no tutu for AC? Too manly to make his own tutu?

  9. You are amazing.. butter, tutus and races! Sigh.. if only you lived in NJ we could be friends!~ Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next week!

  10. OMG. I'm not even a runner but that looks fun. The tutus definitely make the event. How fun are you? Very! Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at BeColorful. You spiced up the week.

  11. Anita -- you rock! Congrats on the awesome 5K -- it looks like a blast! Leave it to Rhinestone Beagle to totally rock the world of tutus with the Warrior Tutu -- I love you guys!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17