Monday, August 8, 2011

County Fair update!

WOOT! I really brought the craftin love home this past weekend at the McHenry County Fair. 
My muffins brought me a First place.  Now this is a bit of a feet as this is a grainy good for you muffin.  It has whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and oatmeal.  The really cool part is that my good for you muffins went up against the full fat sugar laden yummy muffins baked by country women, as the group included them all.  I am very proud of my earthy crunchy muffins with all their dried fruit goodness and cholesterol kicking whole grains.  I hope to put the recipe up soon.
The button art brought home a First too! But to be honest to the blogger world, there may have only been me it the category.  I couldn't find another entry, but in a few months they will put up the fair results so I get to find out if that is really true. Fingers crossed that somewhere there was another person who had a home craft that had no other place to put it like I did.  They were kind enough to put my button art up at an end cap where everyone could see it, so proud am I!
My greeting card brought me a Second place.  I haven't been making a cards all that long and the competition was good.  The scrap booking pages and cards were awesome.  I was not to the level of the Holiday carders yet, but I hope to be soon.  At this fair the entry was only one card, but at the fair going this week the entry was four different cards, dang that's alot.
Last but not least, my knit baby hat.  Remember I had a baby hat bonanza going on with the babies in my life.  Well after all that hat knitting I thought it would be a good idea to give the fair a try with my favorite hat pattern.  I got a Second, and a really nice compliment.  The judge wrote on the back of my entry card that the hat was nicely done and that she liked that there was no seam down the back.  I like it when a judge lets me know what I have done right or what needs fixing.
The Boone County Fair is going on now and is bigger than last weeks.  I hope to post pics and recipes after this fair is over, I can't let my secrets out to other competitors now can I.

I hope you all are enjoying some fair fun!

Keeping it fair,
Kelly, the origami ninja


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