Thursday, August 25, 2011

I like to Link it Link it!

You like to link it link it,
we like to link it link it,
you like to ...

Rhinestone Beagle

Here's last week's favorites!

  Christie @ Describe Happy made a killer terrarium out of an old fish tank.  Creativity at it's best right here!
This one had me at "Nougat".  posted this too easy recipe that looks sticky and nougatty....mmmmm.

This amazing crochet jam jar pattern from AnneMarie's Breiblog makes an amazing candle holder. 
Its like a crafter's disco ball!

Sweetwater Style posted this great idea for a super simple water feature using a table top fountain, a flower pot and some foliage.  What a great way to add texture and sound to your garden.

Did you get featured?  Grab the button below.  We made it just for you!

Rhinestone Beagle
  • Link up any project you want as long as its made by you.  That means sewing, painting, recipes, photography, DIYs, and anything else creative you can think of.
  • Please NO ETSY SHOP links.  I already spend way too much time shopping there.
  • We would giggle with delight if you would grab our button!  No pressure though; it's not mandatory to participate.
  • Show some love and visit a couple of the other crafty projects and leave some comments.  It's nice to know someone other than your family and friends is actually looking at your posts out there in cyberspace.
OK here we go!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my jam jar! I really appreciate it. I've added another one of my projects. Have a lovely day!

  2. Ok, first a confession. I had to say outloud the first part of this post... until it him me that they are to that tune for "move it, move" -- and now it's stuck in my head. Ha!

    And as I scrolled down I saw my terrarium!!! Thank you so much for featuring it!! I had so much fun making it (it's still living) and I'm so happy you like it too!! Ok, on to link up for this week :)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my deck made my day!