Friday, October 7, 2011

HTTC - Halloween Picture Cauldron

I saw this adorable idea For Family Foto Cubes originally on Style Burb. I wanted to do something like this with all the fun Halloween photo's we have so we can see them more.
I have been trying really hard this past year to use what I have in the house and not spend any money on new supplies for projects (except maybe glue!) - it has created some major creativity thought process that makes my head hurt sometimes!
Here are the supplies needed:
Card stock that had been printed on one side already - I used the back
I printed out the pattern then cut each one out to save on ink.
One glue stick did it all
Pictures I used (Some of the pictures were cut into several peices and used for a couple sides of the blocks).
I wanted something in the bottom of it and was thinking about using shred - then I remembered I had these half marbles I have used in other things - they are just perfect!
I copied and pasted her template she used into my print artist program and adjusted the size to what I needed.

Then I folded them to see where to put the pictures.

Then I cut a pattern from the template and cut the pictures to fit.
Here is one that is put together - I tried to face the pictures all different directions. Then glued them into cubes
Here it is all finished - love it! When I finished a couple of our children walked in and saw it and first thing and had to see all the blocks. You can add more blocks and make it in a bigger bowl or vase. I am thinking about making these for Christmas gifts for grandparents. A classy gift and one I think they would love!
Here it is from another angle. Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a wonderful and fun Halloween season from our house to your's!

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