Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HTTC - Puppy Super Cape

Wow, we are really here guys... we made it!!  Rhinestone Beagle!!  Whohohoo!  I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Christie, from Describe Happy and I am here with my lovely and rather furry assistants Sammy (the smaller white golden puppy) and Katie (the four year old blond golden) to help you get you Howl-oween hero on!!!

Has your pup (or cat) recieved a last minute invitation to a Halloween Ball and have nothing to wear?  Are you interested in joining a Halloween pet contest or parade and have no costume in sight?  Do you just like dressing up your dog maybe for the big game or no reason at all?

Well fear not... Super Sammy is here to the rescue!!  Ta, ta, ta, TA!!!

All you need to do is grab one shirt (that looks like it will cover most of your pet), a pair of scissors, and your model.  I am using one of Mr. Happy's old shirts in red for this demo.  And Sammy will be my model today.

Start off by petting your pooch on the head and assuring them you won't humiliate them (for long).  Then, cut the shirt in half around the seams seperating the front from the back.  You will only need one half to make one super cape.

Next, make a cut down the middle of the sleeve until about the point the neck starts on both sides.  

Measure the shirt on your pet to determine how much length to keep or cut.  You can see I cut a large portion of the shirt from the bottom; save this piece for later.  A full shirt covered my 60lb golden Katie really well.  Sammy's needed to be smaller, because, well... she is pint size.

The top ties go around your pet's neck and you can tie it off gently.  I also shorted those (so Sammy couldn't chew on them).  I then tied the bottom half of the sleeves under Sammy to keep the cape on.  Again, don't tie too tight.

Here you can see the shorter ties in the front and under.  Sammy also looks a bit mummified here, ha!!  

I think she likes being super!  Her special power you ask?  I am guessing it's the power of amazing restful sleep.  Oh, and she can fly.

And here's a bonus idea.  Take the bottom piece of the shirt that you cut away.  Notch and rip it into three strips lengthwise.  Place in front of curious puppy who is going to try and chomp at them any second

Tie all three strips together with a knot at one end (after wrangling a strip from the curious puppy's mouth).

Braid the three strips and then finish the rope off with a knot at the end.  I also added a few knots in the middle for tugging grips.  Then, ever so gently place the bonus knot rope into the sleeping puppy's mouth and take a quick picture because the cuteness is overwhelming!!

Then, laugh a bit more as your dog is a) wearing a silly cape, b) doesn't seem to mind the rope placed in her mouth, and c) knowing you are going to share this with lots of friends as a part of Rhinestone Beagles Howl-ween Craftathon.  Pure blogging genius!!

From Katie, Sammy and I... have an Super Hero-like Howl-oween!!!


  1. Awesome!! I've been having a lot of fun with the Howl-o-ween crafting and thank you again for letting me be your guest!!

  2. Woof! Woof! Super CUTE!!! SAMMY! very creative. Past years mom made capes for me ... she promised this year no costume. Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar