Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HTTC - Scooby Doo House

Scooby Doo is big in our house.  Saturday we are having our second Scooby Doo birthday party.  String Beane had a Scooby party when he turned 3 and Butter Beane is having a Scooby party for his 3rd birthday Saturday.  
I have made another candy Haunted House this year as it was a huge hit last time.  It is so simple to make and such a show stopper.  It is really worth the time to make it and the theme can be customized to your event.

2 Cardboard boxes
Piece of Styrofoam for base
Duct tape
Chocolate frosting
Tons of candy
  • The house is made of a cardboard box duck taped to a piece of styro foam. Tape it on the styro foam open end up.  
  • Trim the short side flaps at an angle.  Then you take a second card board box and cut it apart and use two sections to fold in to a peak for the roof.  Duct tape the roof on to the house. 
  • Then cut a small hole in the roof and use a strip of the cardboard box to fold into a square tube for the chimney.  Duct tape it down.
  • Now that you have the frame it is time to decorate.  Since I was doing a Scooby theme I tried to make it look like a haunted house.  
  • Use canned chocolate frosting and spread it over the cardboard.  You'll use this like glue to add all your candy too.  
    • Line the roof with graham crackers for the shingles and use red hots for the chimney bricks.  
    • Hershey bars are great for doors with Skittle knobs.  
    • Make your windows from more Hershey bars and add graham cracker shutters.  
    • I used gum drops and pixie sticks to make a fence and oreos for the walk way. 
    •  I also bought a Mystery Machine candy car and put it in the driveway.  
    • Use Halloween suckers for the trees and Halloween peeps for the door decorations. 
For the party, I put everyone's name in a bag.  I drew out a name and that child got to pick a candy from the house.  I went through until all of the children had a turn and then it was a free for all.  They loved it!
I hope this year's Scooby party is just as much fun as last time.
Happy Birthday to my little Butter Beane.

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  1. Big Scooby fans here too! Love that deluxe candy house.