Sunday, October 2, 2011

HTTC - Spooky Embroidered Table Runner

I've been trying to add more homemade halloween decorations to my arsenal this year and here's my first project.  Our kitchen was in need of some color so I went with a fun table runner.  This is an easy weekend project.  Don't forget to press your seams as you go along.  It makes everything easier.  Hope you love it!

Spooky Supplies:
Cotton fabric (I've labeled them alphabetically to make it easier to keep track.)
  • Black
    • A - 1 x 10 in - 4 pieces 
    • B - 1 x 42 in - 2 pieces
    • Backing - 12 x 45 in(bolt width), this piece is intentionally large and we will trim it later
  • Grey
    • C - 11 in square - 2 pieces
  • Orange pattern
    • D - 7 x 18 in - 1 piece
  • Purple pattern
    • E - 2 x 10 in - 2 pieces
    • F - 2 x 18 in - 2 pieces
Embroidery floss in white, black, orange, brown, and purple
Batting - 12 x 45 in - 1 piece
Sewing machine with black thread
Transfer method for the embroidery pattern - I used 1 piece of carbon paper and a dull pencil.
Download embroidery pattern here.

1.  First cut all your pieces for the runner top, A through F. 

2.  Take your two grey squares and transfer the embroidery pattern centered onto them.  Do this by placing a piece of carbon paper, black side down, on top of your fabric and your pattern on top.  

Pin your paper pattern in place and trace over it with a dull pencil to transfer the image.

Here's what it looks like when you take the carbon paper off.  It's light enough that it will wash right out in the laundry but won't rub off while your sewing.  

3.  Put in your favorite spooky movie and sit down to embroider the pattern onto your squares using your favorite stitches.  

Here's how I did mine:
  • Spider eyes - french knots
  • Spider outline - chain stitch
  • Spider legs - backstitch
  • Web - backstitch
  • Letters - stem stitch
  • Pumpkin - satin stitch
4.  Trim your grey squares to 10" on all four sides.

5.  With right sides together (RST) sew one A to top and bottom of C.  Press your seams.

6.  Sew RST E to top A.  Press your seams.  This is your end piece.

Repeat for second C.

7.  Sew RST one F to each side of D.   Press your seams.  This is your center strip.

8.  Sew RST one end piece to each end of your center strip with the purple fabric touching.  Press your seams.

9.  Sew RST one B to each long side of your runner.  This will complete your black border.  Press your seams.

This was a late night crafting session and sadie made it all the way to 12 am until she melted into a pile of fluff on the floor.  Don't give up you're almost done.

10.  Now that your top is done we are going to assemble the batting and backing sandwich so we can get onto quilting.  Here's how to make your sandwich.  Place your batting down on the table and layer your backing piece, right side up, on top of it.  Now place your top piece, right side down, on top of that and pin all of them in place.  Your backing and batting will be larger than the top to allow some wiggle room.  

11.  Now stitch around the whole edge leaving about a 6 inch gap to turn your runner right side out.  Trim the excess fabric, leaving a little extra around your opening.  This will make it easier to close the opening after turning.  Clip your corners like below and turn your runner right side out.  

12.  Press your runner to smooth out all your edges.  

13.  Yes lucky number 13 is our last step.  Here's where you will need to do all your top stitching.  If you have a walking foot I would recommend using it.  First you'll need to do a stitch around the whole perimeter of your runner to seal up the gap left from turning.  I tried to stay as close to the edge as possible with this one or shoot for 1/4 inch.  
Now all the other top stitching is up to you.  I chose to do a line stitching-in-the-ditch on the inside edge of the black perimeter border first.  Then I did two more stitches evenly spaced through the purple patterned rectangle and one around the inside of the grey embroidered piece.  You can see the three of the stitches below.  The black thread will blend right into your border so they will be hard to see. 

Thats it!  You're done with your Spooky Embroidered Table Runner.

I had to include my favorite model.  Thanks to Sadie as always for being a good sport and keeping me company in my late night sewing sessions.  Even if she is sleeping most of the time.
I hope this adds some festive fun to your house this season.  Make sure to come back every day for more spooktacular ideas from the Rhinestone Beagle Howl-oween Tricks & Treats Craftathon.

Haunt on!


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