Monday, November 21, 2011

2 x 4 Turkey Triumph

What is the COOLEST craft in my life right now? Say it with me everybody.....2 x 4 wood crafts! Very good, you all get an A.  For October's Craft Club I sort of demanded, in a nice way mind you, we do these awesome 2 x4 turkeys.
Wendy over @ Craft Goodies is a master when it comes to this super sweet medium know as wood.  She has created some very nice things using all kinds of wood and wood products. Penguins, bunnies, deer, and all things cute. Wendy, if you are listening, I have kind of been stalking your blog but in a nice crafty way, not a creepy way, I promise!  She posted a wonderful tute for these happy guys on Ucreate where she was guest posting and as soon as I saw them I knew they were too cute to miss.
So the Craft Clubbers got together and got to work on our turkey lurkeys.  All the 2 x 4 wood is reclaimed just like the mummies we made for Halloween.  The scraps collected from assorted work sites and dumpsters let each crafter make as many birds as they could want.  We got the necks, which are large paint stirrers, for free at the Lowes.  Thanks Lowes! We had the paint, glue, ribbon, and sanding blocks already.  So all we had to buy in the end was the giant craft sticks and some pretty paper.
As we waited for the paint to dry, turned out not as boring as you might think because Sarah was getting a little too comfortable with one of the Halloween decorations, we enjoyed some pre-tricks-or-treats candy, which gave us a great sugar rush to power through the sanding.

So, if you don't pay attention to little dogs named Mr. Biscuit while said paint is drying you get the lesson taught to you in the saddest 2 x 4 turkey way.  This was the poor victim of crazy dog teeth, he totally got the sanding blocks too. Is that the saddest nibbled on head feather you have ever seen? We got our eyes on you now Mr. B!
We made adorable faces, cut colorful feathers from our papers, and glued on little head feathers in a bevy of turkey bodies and laughter: we had Conan the Barbarian playing in the background.  Have you ever gone back and watched that movie? You really should, it was great fun. I swear in the end we made like a thousand of these little dudes, and loved every minute of it.  I have the nibbled on one, I named him Barry, and his lady friend out on my mantle ready for the family fanfare coming this Thursday.  I hope you liked our turkeys and that you go check out the tute to make your own gobblers, or maybe you make a a fine flock of peacocks, or a marvelous murder of crows!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Keeping it gobbly,
Kelly, the origami ninja


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