Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tissue paper and creepy cupcakes!

Well since we had such a great response for participation in our first HTTC we've got some catching up to do with our own posts.  Here's what we all did at craft club for our halloween meeting.

On the adjenda was making some spooky halloween candle holders by upcycling old jars found in various places.  Some were from garage sales, goodwill and even the pantry.  The day started with the clinking of glass containers appearing from everyones' bags onto the long table upstairs.

Next came a flurry of tissue paper in tons of fun colors.  This project is so basic its stupid.  The only thing to do is modge podge the hell out of the outside of the jar/glass container,
apply your tissue paper, and add even more modge podge to coat and seal the tissue.

That's it!  The coolest thing though, is that the variations are endless.  With everything from a mummy, to ghost, to candy corn, to pumpkin, no two holders looked alike.  The black bits are just construction paper modge podged onto the outside of the tissue.

As some of us discovered, you only need to apply a single layer of tissue paper, otherwise you won't be able to see the light shine through.  I know it's hard to contain oneself when using modge podge but less is more as far as the paper with this project.  Trust us.

Aren't they cool?  I had the ghosts and boo on the ledge on my bathroom and the pumpkins made a home on my entertainment center amidst some cool haunted houses I put out every year.  The splash of orange looks great with all the black.  I highly recommend using little battery operated tea lights for these too.  You don't have to worry about little ones with open flames and they don't make a mess with all the wax either. The larger candle holders had two in each of them for extra light.

Our other project for the Halloween meeting was a little more sweet.  We decorated halloween cupcakes for our dessert.  Sarah and I took a little trip to my local old school candy store to pick up supplies earlier in the day.  Here's a sampling of what we came up with.

Softened Tootsie rolls are great to mold into different shapes, red shoestring licorice becomes veins in bloodshot eyeballs, gummy triangles make great ears and tongues, and cotton candy is perfect for beards. After the sugar high we resorted to crashing in my living room.  Sadie even found a place for herself on the couch.

As usual I'm sad to see Halloween go but just wait till next year.  I already have stuff on the back burner.

Craft on!

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  1. I love your boo jars! That is just the cutest thing, and recycled jars, too! The cupcakes are adorable. I wish I had a crafty group like this for play!