Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clean House

I'll be the first to admit I'm a bit of a crafty horder.  I keep magazines and supplies that I will probably never use but unless I have personally looked at each thing I won't get rid of it.  This has lead to a very unorganized craft room and supplies have even started to bleed down the stairs and into other rooms of the house.  I've currently got crocheting supplies in the living room, magazines in the living room and bedroom and more random stuff on the stairs destined for the craft room upstairs.  In honor of the new year I've decided that I, like Kelly, need to finish works in progress before I am allowed to move onto something new.  Definitely good motivation for someone who already has Valentine and Easter ideas to get started on but where to start?  Dan and I decided today was house cleaning day so after I conquered the bathroom, laundry room, and 3 loads of laundry I started in on the bedroom and look what was there waiting for me.

This box full of crafting magazines from the late 80's early 90's donated to the craft club by a work friend's mom.  She was cleaning house too.  Now I knew that most of these magazines were full of craft projects that I would never try but I couldn't just get rid of them without making sure I wasn't missing a diamond in the rough.  So I started sorting.  The most fun about this whole process turned out to be the crazy adds and patterns that would only have been relevant 20 years ago.  Here's a couple good ones.
Nothing like a little Pom Pom Ville to get your creative juices flowing.
Where oh where has my fashion sense gone?  Where oh where can it be?
These kinds of adds gave me a good inkling Im not the target audience for the magazine.
I might be if I was about 30 years older.
I love the idea of a rolodex of photos, and only $4.98!
Look at that background.  The uses for aluminum foil never cease to amaze.
I also love how sexy the girls look in their knit tops and metallic pants.
Who doesn't want to have a neon colored ice cream sunday on their sweater?
For a night out on the town you can whip up this saucy crop top in no time flat. 
I'm actually kinda jealous about this one.
I remember making buttons for my friends who ran for student council.  Ah the memories.
I remember using Tulip puffy paints to make sweatshirts and I was pretty good at making uniform lines too.  They were great for all the members of your family.  I had more than one just for christmas.  Not a proud moment but its true.
I would not, however, be holding my wife's hand if she made me wear  one with a fuzzy sledding bear.   
I have no idea why you would need to add curly brown hair to this already creepy pig.
This was what we resorted to before the Bedazzler.
I have no idea how long I was sitting on the floor looking at magazines but I'm happy to say I was somewhat productive.  Here's what I was left with after going through the entire box.  

I'm happy to say none of the rejected reading material will go to waste.  I'll be making a trip to Goodwill tomorrow morning to try and share the crazy vintage crafty love.  Tomorrow I'm making a list of the works in progress I've got going right now to share with you.  Just another step in the goal of an organized craft room.

Purge on!


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