Sunday, January 1, 2012

Power tool Christmas

Look what I got for Christmas!

It's a nail gun/power stapler!  I love that my hubby knows I'm a power tool girl. (Although I have to admit I was a little nervous the first time I fired the trigger.)

We couldn't wait to hook it up to the air compressor and try it out, which explains me in my PJs, and yes, I am a giant dork.  Dan was nice enough to find some scraps that I could nail together for fun.  Here's Mr. Biscuit with my first creation.
It turned out to be a tool-centric Christmas in our family cuz I gave Dan an oscillating multi tool and my parents got him a new jigsaw.  I've got some recovering plans and furniture building ideas to add to my to-do this for this next year and with all these new tools in our arsenal making them should be a breeze.
What's up first?  
I know, I know.  A little ambitious but I feel pretty good that I have complete building instructions for this baby from Ana White Homemaker.  If you've never visited the site definitely check it out.  The best way to describe the page is that its an index of FREE uploaded furniture plans.  Everything from stools to sandboxes to storage cabinets.  Lots of "builders" also upload their finished projects too so you can see the pieces in various finishes.  Don't worry if, like me, you've never built a piece of furniture.  You can search plans by skill level, materials cost, or even the room you want to put it in.  As soon as I start one I'll be sure to post the progress photos so you guys can check it out.

Build on!

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