Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bookshelf makeover: Part 1

Well, here is a picture of my next "to do list" craft: my bookshelf.   I have a nice new craft room this year and this plain old bookshelf needed some funning up to be able to be allowed to reside in said  sparkly new craft room.  I pondered the nakedness of the shelves for a bit and realized that they were a blank canvas for all of those extra mailing label stickers I have accumulating in the office.  Enter the sticker in all its colorful glory.
Note the pile of papers in the upper right hand corner, that my friends, are the stickers calling out to be affixed to the bookshelf.  You can also enjoy all of my husbands re-loading equipment in the picture as well.  The bunny cage is on the floor in front of the bookshelf because all of the books are in boxes in the spot where his cage goes.  It's a vicious cycle that all leads back to covering that bookshelf with stickers and giving it a good shellacking.

I started covering and cutting and will update you next week on how far I got this week, wish me luck.
This is Oreo and Nutter Butter letting you know that they approve of this craft message and that they hope that you are crafting your way through winter! They also wanted carrots, guinea pigs are by no means complicated in their wants.

Keeping it sticky,
Kelly, the origami ninja

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