Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crochet goodness and WIP progress

I've been working steadily on my work in progress list and am proud to say I've knocked off two more WIPs.  Here's the scarves that have been waiting to be finished for who knows how long.  
Have to say I'm very proud of my models for being so patient and letting me dress them up yet again.  For  Sadie this type of thing is old hat and she just sits there waiting for me to be done.  Mr. Biscuit still fusses a little but I have to say for a 1 year old puppy he's surprisingly cooperative.  

So with those two marked off the list I stand at 17 still left in my pile.  One of those is an added project that I started at craft day that I need to finish up.  Still big but I'm glad to be down in the teens.  I have to admit I decided to abandon a few of the smaller things I had on my list though.  They were mainly just craft supplies that I had bought without a plan, most of them pretty cheap, and so I've decided to donate them.  I have plenty of actually planned out projects on my list so I figure it's better to give them to someone who already has an idea to use them rather than let them sit around my craft room waiting.

With that I've started and actually finished a new crochet project for the hubby.  After making him the hat for Christmas he put in a request for another but a different style.  He wanted one with a brim and it needed to be a little longer.  Being that I wasn't hiding this one for a gift I was able to fit him along the way which proved to be very helpful.  I found a free pattern on Ravelry and got to work.  I was amazed it only took me three afternoons to finish.  Here's the end result.  

The brim gave me a little brain fart.  I needed to put something inside to keep it stiff.  I resorted to cannibalizing a hat I got at Goodwill for the plastic brim insert.  It ended up being a great decision and only cost me $1.  Now it's back to my WIP list.  I'm shooting to have all the smaller one's done by the end of the month.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  

Craft on!


  1. Your models are adorable! Great job getting so much finished!

  2. Love those dog models sitting pretty for you!! That hat is awesome. They would sell like hot cakes here in the PNW!

  3. I like the hat, we'll have to get the model on the runway.