Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DDS - Day 4, Puppy Profiles

Meet Duke!

  • Duke is 6 years old and the best guess is that he is a lab - grey hound mix. Kris from Duke Says Sew What adopted him from a shelter in Bedford, Texas when he was 4 months old. She called him "Sir Duke of Bedford". Three days later (after falling in love with him) they found out he was very sick. He was hospitalized with IVs for a week, but recovered, and has been like a member of her family every since.
  • Duke loves to go to the dog park and meet other dogs. He is the "greeter" of each new dog that arrives. We think the other dogs may be a bit jealous of his snazzy scarves.   Duke also likes a good snooze on his bed while Kris sews.  He sleeps under her sewing table to the hum of the machine.
  • He loves his dog treats! The family keeps a bowl in 2 rooms as he will bark at them and look at his bowl when he needs a little snack. Sometimes he just licks it and carries it around the house.
  • Something funny that Duke does: whenever he comes in from the back yard (he can open the screen door with his nose) he runs through the house to find Kris and then licks her hand. It's like he is saying "hello, I love you Mom!"

Here is Duke in his chevrons scarf that was made to match a big quilt.

Here is his green scarf that he earned by participating in the Harbor Hounds dog walk. 

He is sitting on his new bed top, trying it out for size.

Duke on his new dog bed and wearing his scarf to match! Kris just made this for summer porch time.


  1. Wow! Isn't he such a handsome and spoiled dog!

  2. Duke is one of my favorites! He is such a handsome fellow and has a wonderful personality. Plus his scarf collection is FABULOUS!

    I just found this terrific blog today from Duke's blog (Well ... that's what WE call it at our house). My sewing assistant is a Rottweiler and she has always had a thing for Sir Duke.