Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Old Craft complete......cheep dog bed

It seems as if I have not been getting a darn thing done over here in my house of dogs.  My crafts are pleading for attention but I don't know which one to comfort first.  Should I quilt, or maybe crochet.  Bake or perhaps I should embrace some embroidery.  I got a bit of a full sail going yesterday during a Wallace and Gromit TV-a-thon, I completed my naughty dog bed.
My dogs fully support the idea that nice things are for small dogs with cute hair styles, not large Labradors or greasy Plott hounds.  In other words our dog beds are an experiment in inexpensive recycling.  We have one of those really nice big dog beds with Sage and Sprou'ts name embroidered on it, but as soon as we got Abby that got a few chew holes in it and a broken zipper.  So on to plan B, the one here we buy lots and lots of those nice dog beds at Farm and Fleet and cover the floor of the laundry room.  In the end those turned into fluff and cedar shaving piles that stuck to fur like the dickens. Ok, let's try this again.  Plan C, Goodwill.  Harry Potter and Dora sleeping bags, Transformers blankets, and lawn furniture cushions.  Ha! Found the answer I was looking for.  Inexpensive, washable, and it helps the community.  In addition to all of that mentioned above we bought four throw pillows to sew together to make a bed for Sprout.  She is a very angular dog and needs the extra stuffing around her little elbows.  She was hit by a car before she came to be with us and has some nerve issues.  I finally got it all going and sewed those bad boys up to make her a nice snugly bed to keep her tiny tootsies happy.
Seriously, look at those tiny feet on that dog.  We covered the pillows with the transformers blanket so that she could nestle down into it and make the labs jealous.  It worked and she loved it.  Another craft down and another dog happy.  That little white chin makes me so happy at the end of the work day, anything for her.

Keeping doggle feet warm,
Kelly, the bed maker


  1. What great ideas! Plus, you gotta love that sweet face!

  2. She is a really cutie! And she uses that chin for evil, let me tell you.