Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Craft Club....... circles of patriotism

Wow!!! Anita's last post about the orchids was so pictorally wonderful.  All the color and texture  was fantastic to look at and enjoy.  I love how complex the plants look but the beauty they express seems so simplistic it calms the soul.  Nicley done Anita.  So to follow in her footsteps I plan on adding lots of pictures to my post too.  While mine are not as natural they are colorful and fun!

For this months Craft Club we got ready for the upcoming celebration of Red, White, Blue with some great wreaths.  The truly cool part of this whole event, other than the BBQ at the end, is that each of us picked a different wreath to make so we had no overlap.  I like the different styles we have, it makes Craft Club more fun!

I am not quite sure Mr. B was all that excited to be involved in this project.
We had lots of yarn used, felt cut, and fabric sliced into a great collection of circular homage to our great country. 

Each of these cute wreaths really matches our personallity to a tee.  We have fun and flirty, country Americana, classy and chic, and eye poppingly adorable.

Now lets get to the good part of the finished works.  We even had everybody complete their craft that night, very unusual. Way to go ladies!

Laura's yarn wrapped life saver with those super cute stars!

Katy's luxurious rosettes, very chic.

 Kelly's farm girl fabric knots.

 Anita's rolicking rockets of color.

Like I mentioned earlier, after all the crafting we got hungry so we had grilled chicken, corn, salad, homemade bread, and cupcakes for dinner.  Anita and Laura even made real lemonade while Katy and I grilled, ok Katy grilled I chatted.  Very tasty indeed!

I hope you are having all kinds of American inspiration this month.  The Fourth of July is almost upon us so make sure to bring out your patriotism and show it to all.

Keeping it USA,
Kelly, the origami ninja


  1. Kelly, great ideas! You guys are too funny! I am your newest follower, and just wrote a post about your blog (it will be published tomorrow afternoon). Check it out then at I KNOW you guys will have a fun long weekend!

  2. Thank you very much Denise! We are very glad you like the blog and very proud to have you post on our link party. Crafters are the best.