Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This year I am knot waiting until November to start my Christmas gifts

As the name of the post suggests I have started my Christmas crafting much earlier this year than I normally do.  I purchased a big ole skein of hand dyed yarn at Stitches Midwest, which is like a comic book convention for yarnies, several years ago because I completely fell in love with it when I saw it!  Martha Stewart once said that if you see something crafty, but don't know what to do with it, you should get it, as the project it belongs to may not have presented itself to you yet, thus the giant yarn buy.  So I have my huge yarn for for a time and then I buy The Handmade Christmas magazine form said same Stewart back in 2009 and there is this pattern for a knotted scarf.  Well I pulled out that big green fluffiness and got to cutting to finally get that scarf going.  The one pictured here is for a family member, that shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, who is a great accessorizer of outfits.

Cut 12 pieces of Bulky weight yarn 1&1/2 times the desired length of your final scarf (example: 140 inch piece in length makes about an 86 inch scarf, and would require 47 total yards of yarn).  Divide yarn into four bunches of three strands each.  Tie two bunches together with a square knot, leaving six inches of fringe at the end.  Repeat with other pair of bunches.  Knot the inner two bunches together about one inch below the existing knots.  Then knot the left bunches together followed by the right bunches together one inch below existing center knot. 

 Alternate knotting the the inner bunches followed by the left and then right ones, spacing all knots evenly.  When approximately six inches remain finish so that the final knots mirror those at the opposite end and trim to make the ends even.  Not very complex but it makes a very nice pattern.  The scarft toom me a few nights of knot tying but these were an hour blocks at the most.  It will wrap aroud your neck more than once for a warmer feel. 

MUTT looks very cute in his fashion scarf don't you think?  Sage was a big help keeping me company while I tied knots.  Sprout did not want to be in the picture as she was diligently watching the guinea pigs and Abby got bored and wandered off.

I hope you have started your holiday crafting, or at least thought about it.  It does feel good getting a bit of it done, though I have knot the foggiest idea what the next gift will be....oh well.

Keeping it squishy,
Kelly, the origami ninja


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