Sunday, July 22, 2012

Animal Shelter donation

Just a quick update of things going on.  I have been working on some simple gift baskets for my favorite animal shelter to help them earn some funds.  Animal House Shelter had their Pawfest yesterday and I hope it was a huge success for them.  I put together one cat and one dog themed basket.
The kitty and me basket has a lucky kitty plate, a lucky kitty statue, a lucky kitty key chain, a homemade crochet heart magnet, a cat clip, kitty stickers, Swedish fish candy, and two handmade re-usable snack bags.
The doggie and me basket has dog spa spray, the paw embroidery  project from the Spring, poop bags, dog magnets, two dog squeak toys, dog cookie mix, and two handmade re-usable snack bags.

I hope the shelter got some good money at the Pawfest to help them continue the amazing work they do.  I love my shelter and I am going to help them earn money as much as possible. 
I know you guys are doing some great charity work out there and we would love to hear about it!

Keeping it moving forward,
Kelly, the origami ninja 


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