Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crafting like a villian!

Woo hoo, another craft-to-do of my list! I have had this table cloth that needed fixing for I believe three years now that has been waiting very patiently for me to finally call its number.  Well buddy you are up!
I got this AMAZING old school NFL fabric at some off the wall fabric outlet in Hawaii several years ago.  This stuff is is very rough to the touch and is too sweet for words.  Martha Stewart always says if you really like something you should buy it, its purpose will come to light eventually.  So I bought two yards of it not having any idea what to do with it, but I just couldn't pass up such wonderful emblems.  One year Super Bowl time rolled around and I remembered this fabric in my stash.  A middle seam and some nice hems later and we had a big table cloth all ready to go for the festivities. I even went out and got a plastic cover for it to protect it from the spills.  While it was safe from the dropped salsa and brownies it could not withstand an evening of unsupervised naughty dog chewing, thus in the need to fix bin it sat....until now.  I cleaned up the nibbled on corner and put a patch in on one side.  My beautiful cloth is all ready for this years games and all the punch you could ever hope to spill on it.  Bring on the nachos!

I hope you are getting some awesome crafting done this summer!

Keeping it rolling,
Kelly, the origami ninja

Did you see your favorite team on the table cloth? I know I did! Bears-56 Packers-2, we are going to the Super Bowl this year, I'm tellin ya!

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  1. My bags will be packed and I will be ready to try out the 'new and improved' table cloth! :-) Oh, yeah, pending the invite!