Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Wreath

I have to sneak in this last Halloween craft before the big day tomorrow.  For July Craft Club we all got to explore our craft feelings and create a wreath that reflects our different personalities.  I took inspiration from a wreath made out of fabric and wire that required no sewing but lots of fun.  For my Halloween wreath I went with the same idea but added the twist of frugality.  A friend of mine is in a "de-cluttering phase"in her life so I took that to heart and applied that "use what you have" to my wreath.

The base of the wreath is a single circle off an old grapevine wreath.  I got the original grapevine wreath on the side of the road for free.  A neighbor had some items that they were giving away with a "free" sign in their yard.  This wreath had been loved since its creation in, I believe, the late eighties, including sporting some very faded fake birds.  The decorations may have been well past their prime but the actual grapevine wreath was ready to be born again with some inspiration and creativity.  I cut a continuous circle out of the wreath and wired the two ends together.

For the fabric I dug out all my orange, white, and black fabrics.  I had to buy some spooky holiday black fabrics to bulk up my selection for the wreath but everything was on sale so I got three new ones to use for less than three bucks total.  I cut each fabric strip one inch wide by six inches long.  I tied the strips around the grapevine wreath in the pattern 18 orange, 4 white, 18 black, 4 white, 18 orange, and so on.  The ribbon for the bow I had in my stash already from a Halloween project from two years ago.   I whipped out a quick puffy bow and wired it on and taa daa! A new Halloween wreath that cost me less that three dollars total and was completed in one Sunday evening.  I love these simple crafts that I can make with supplies I already have in my craftroom.  Now I have a Halloween wreath I can be proud of and more money in my bank account, tee hee it's a good thing.

The next project uses felt from past crafting exploits to make some gifts for Christmas.  A few bits of brightly colored felt and some glue and you have a cute craft to be given with some homebaked love.  Banana bread and trivits are my go to gift this year for a time strapped co-worker and parents of friends that are like family.  I love TRIVITS!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone: may your crafts look their best and your candy be plentiful.

Kelly, the origami ninja 


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