Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HTTC - 3D Skeleton Painting

The spirits of the other side are ready to come out and play. Are you prepared the mischief they will cause? 
Here is a little peak in one of the ways they will come. I have created a skeleton coming out of a painting ready to drag you in. 
Would you like to make one? 

1. Cardboard (Free)
2. Skeleton (Michaels 14.99)
3. Modge Podge (own or 4.99 at Michaels)
4. Black paint & red paint  (.59 cent)
5. Burlap ($2.00 for half a yard)
6. foam brush (.10 cent)
7. Frame (Michaels on clearance $9.99)
8. Clay ($8.99 Michaels)
9.Tape (own)
10. 24 gauge wire (own) 
11. Scissors (own)
12. Saw (own $4.99)

The first thing you will need to do is to cut the back of the skull of your skeleton because you want him to lay flat on the cardboard. Measure the cardboard to fit the inside of your frame. My frame is 8x10. 

Position your skeleton, my skeleton name is Joe where you want him to be.  

I felt bad cutting Joe up but he feel much better once all the extra weight is off. 
I cut through the spice of Joe to make sure he could fit in the frame. 

Mix modge podge with black paint with a foam brush.

Now the messy part starts, use the mixture and paint the burlap with it.

I told you it was going to get messy! Its going to look a little muddy but it will be worth it once it dries. You will need to cover the entire cardboard. Don't lay the burlap flat on the cardboard because you will need some depth with it to make it look realistic.

Also use the modge podge to clue the down the skeleton. Let the burlap dry for at least 24 hours. 

I wanted to have Joe reaching out for someone, so I took masking tape to hold the joints in place. I then used the burlap with modge podge to cover masking tape.

I did not stop there I also cut all the finger off and used the 24 gauge jewelry wire to reattach all the  fingers. Can you believe that Joe had to right hands before I did the surgery? haha. Now his finger can bend and point at you.

The last thing I did was make a heart out of clay to be place in rib cage.

Imagine that you are done!!!

I think my puppy liked it.

Happy Halloween from Pandora's Craft Box.

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  1. Oh..... That is just SUPER FREAKY!!!!
    I can't believe how scary he is protruding out of the wall like that..... Looks so scary how you cut him up too.....
    Doesn't' look like your toddler or dog were very frightened by the ordeal, though...
    I am super impressed by your work, and I hope you get to be featured several times with this creepy piece of art!