Friday, October 5, 2012

HTTC Canned Goods Ghosts

I picked a super cute but super simple craft for the craft-a-thon.  All you need is a few empty cans and some imagination and you have a craft.
I have three cleaned cans that have had the lids removed.  I went happy crazy with the white spray paint to get these guys all ghosted up.  I measured around the diameter of the can so I could cut some cheese cloth to go around the base.  I cut two diameters worth of cheese cloth and cut long flowy ribbons into it.
 I wrapped the cheese cloths around the base of the can and glued them on with tacky glue.  Now the flowing parts can hang down and blow in the breeze.  I let them dry overnight to really seal in the cling.  I filled the cans with water almost all the way yo the top and let them freeze all day while I was at work.
 I traced my ghost pattern on to a piece of paper and taped it onto my can.  The ice in the can will allow me to tap into my can with a hammer and awl but not dent the can.  I tapped the awl around the pattern leaving a little space in between to show the can through.  Additionally, I tapped three holes in the top of the can for the hanging string. 
 The strips of cheese cloth will get all ratty and dirty as they weather making it look even better.  I love the look of candles in these guys, but I use the fake ones to keep it fun and safe.

I can't wait to see what tute we have next!
Happy Halloween!


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