Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snuggle update and guinea pig love

The cutting of the fabric has commenced for the snuggles.  The Snuggles website has the beds divided into three sizes: 14 x14 for kitties, 24 x 24 for small/medium doggles, and 36 x 36 for the big guys.  I try each piece of fabric to fit the 36 x 36 sized bed and then go from there.  So I cut and cut and cut.  This is all the fabric I have to go through and get sized for beds.  I can't wait to see how many of each size I can get out of all of this.  Just keep cutting, just keep cutting.........
I hope the kitties like Hawaiian fabric and the doggies don't mind the John Deere! The small/medium guys are in luck, all their beds are solid colors.  I am working on the soft filling next, lots of fleece and quilt batting to make a soft warm bed for them at night. 

During all this cutting I have had nothing but lip from our peanut gallery: the guinea pigs, AKA, Oreo and Libby.  The bunny, he doesn't say much, he just glares at you interrupting his me time.
Several weeks ago we lost our piggy, Nutter Butter.  She was a good pig and friend of Oreo.  We didn't want Oreo to be lonley so we adopted Libby from PAWS Humane Society to keep her company and give her a pal to sass with.  She was the first guinea pig ever adopted out from PAWS and we are very happy to have her.  She is very chatty and social, always giving her opinion of my cutting.  I had no idea guineas had so much to say about siccors and fabric.  They make me so happy!
I hope everyone is having a great January! Remember those less fortunate and think of some fun crafty ways to help where you can.  Crafters unite!!!
Kelly, the piggy momma

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  1. What a lucky piggy. We had guinea pigs for years and I'll always have a soft spot for them. Glad to see other fans out there too:)