Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

OK So my hubby and I don't have a great track record for valentines day.  In the almost 6 and a half years that Dan and I have been together we've never really successfully pulled off a valentine dinner/outing.  Hence it has turned into a bit of a disappointment of a holiday.  Until this year.  First off I got a great little box in the mail from Georgia.  One of our craft club members, Katy, is down there for work for over two month.  We miss her tons!  I opened the box to find four little valentine goodie bags; one for each of the other members of craft club.

They each had a little stuffed ornament, owl or raccoon, complete with adorable saying on the back.  The owls read "You're a hoot!' and the raccoons said "You noc-turnal me off my feet!"  How cute are they and how great is it that we have started crafting across state lines.  There was also a little kit to grow poppies, which I love, and some chocolate of course.  I got the box on the 12th so I was able to get everyone their baggie before the big day.  THANK YOU, KATY!

Next came a little surprise from home.  I work an evening shift so I usually don't get home till around 11:45 at night.  Dan works early in the morning so we usually don't see much of each other on my work days other than when he comes home for lunch.  Well I walked into the kitchen on the night of the 13th to find this.
  I apologize the picture is a little fuzzy as it's from my iPhone but how adorable is my hubby.  He stayed up to wish me a happy valentine's day at midnight since we were both working the next day.  There were three cards from Dan and each of the dogs.  I was crying laughing when I read the dog cards.  You'd have to meet them in person to really appreciate the humor but trust me I was in stitches.  (Dan doesn't really think he is but he's hysterically funny.)  There were also bones for each of the dogs from the other respective dog, a dozen beautiful roses and 6 boxes of chocolates!  Yes 6!  We are gonna be on a sugar high in this house for the weeks to come.  

Last but not least we headed out for dinner over the weekend to spend some quality time together and I am proud to say Dan made his first dinner reservation completely on his own.  I'm very proud.  We went to a french restaurant nearby called Cab's Wine Bar Bistro and it did not disappoint.  A four course meal of deliciousness  To top it all off we came home to find the dogs spending a little quality time with each other.

I hope you had a Valentine's Day filled with love.  If not, I've got a little extra to spare if you need it.

Love on!