Saturday, February 2, 2013

WIP progress 1218

Well I've managed to knock off two WIPs on my list of 21.   Kelly talked about the temari balls that we started last month and I managed to finish mine up for her post earlier this week.  You can read about our adventure into this new intricate craft here.  I also managed to knock out the polymer clay ornament that I had started at our december craft day.  I just took a bunch of coils and covered a square glass ornament I had on hand.  Here's the before picture.

I really liked the ornament style but I wasn't happy with the color selection that I had picked, specifically the white.  So my solution was to paint the entire thing in a pearlescent white, and I added a cute little bow.  I love how the color turned out.  I think it's going to look like a present hanging from my tree next year.

You can still see the colors of the clay underneath but they aren't as jarring against the white.  What do you think?  I love when I can salvage a bad craft into something that I really love.  Just goes to show you shouldn't give up if you hit a little speed bump in your crafting process.  Plus it makes a really adorable necklace for Sadie too.

Here's my updated WIP list and since I've finished two I get to start a fun new project.  I'm thinking of a  Valentine's day theme.

  1. Casserole carrier
  2. Temari ball
  3. Stamped fabric pillow(s)
  4. Seat cushion
  5. Egg wreath
  6. Mr. B construction paper dog
  7. Bisque tree plate
  8. 2 Cross stitch kits - whale and horses
  9. Horse embroidery quilt
  10. Log cabin quilt
  11. Feet and perch for stuffed owl 
  12. Frame for Sadie embroidery
  13. Knit bandanna
  14. Wooden ornaments
  15. Needlefelt beaver
  16. Polymer clay ornament
  17. Floor cushions
  18. Tank dress
  19. Crochet afghan
  20. Media cabinet
  21. Easter basket liner
Craft on!


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