Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dog Filled Road Trippin

My co-pilots.
Hi everyone!  Remember me?  Two weeks ago I left home to travel for work in Georgia and I'll be gone for another two weeks.  (Explanation for why I forgot the party this week, Sorry everyone!)  Yep a month away from home, but I'm not alone.  Sadie & Gidget volunteered to navigate to make sure I made it down here in one piece.  We started relatively early in the morning, after I waited to the last minute to pack the car, and drove to Nashville the first day.  Now when I say early I mean "Anita early", so that was at about 10am.  Of course I had to cram as much stuff into the car as possible but with Sadie riding shotgun we headed out as prepared as I was going to get.
Crossing the bridge at Louisville.
There were multiple pit stops along the way, being that Sadie has to pee about every two hours.  Here's the girls having a dinner date at one of the many highway rest stops.

If you travel with animals you know what I'm talking about when I say good hotels are hard to come by.  Especially ones that will allow 2 dogs, one of them being over 50 lbs.  I am pleased to report however that I've found an oasis in the dessert of options.  Aloft Hotels!  I stayed at one just south of Nashville and they couldn't have been more accomodating.  The other aspect of staying at hotels with dogs is that most who accept pets are, shall we say, not the nicest places.  Now when I'm traveling by myself I'm more cautious and more willing to spend a little extra to ensure I'm staying in a safe and clean place.  Aloft however was very reasonable.  Rooms were between 100 and 130 for the night & I  can't say enough about how nice the hotel was.  My room was classier than my house and the facilities were modern and fun.  The only thing I wish they had was an included breakfast but they had nice options to purchase.  Here's Gidget freshening up in our mammoth walk in shower.

So we made it in one piece but I'm sad to say the girls contracted a bad case of fleas in our second week.  And I know what you're thinking but yes, I treat them with Frontline every month.  After a few days we have it under control but I felt awful for the girls watching them itch.  I've been talking to my fellow coworkers in the dog world and have heard rumors about some fleas becoming immune to Frontline.  Plus the fleas down here are way worse than at home in Chicagoland because they don't have a harsh winter to kill them off like we do.  Just an fyi to think about for anyone traveling or living in the south, make sure you think about your flea treatment regimen this year.

I've been crafting down here too.  Yep I brought my sewing machine to keep myself occupied in my down time.  I'm hoping to have an update by some time this upcoming week so stay tuned.

Travel on!


  1. Great pictures! Give Sadie and Gidget a hug for me! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Hey Anita, If you are at FLETC, it might be sand gnats. They are rapid down there, and they attack both people and animals. Skin So Soft works well to keep them away. Have fun and if you get a chance check out Cumberland Islands, it is a wild horse sanctuary.

  3. Such cute little girls, Anita! I hope your trip continues to go well ~ hope to "see" you soon!
    ~ Megin of VMG206