Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some nerdy crafting to get the Summer started

For me this is the start of convention season: Anime Central, Heros Con, and Chicago Comic Con.   I am excited to have been able to incorporate so many crafty things in my costuming this year.  I have two costumes that I have put together and I am very proud of both! I wanted to have a Captain Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean too but that had to get pushed back a year so I will smother you with all that piratey goodness next year.  Additionally, I got to attend the Anime Prom at Anime Central so I even got to use some crafting putting that outfit together.  The prom out fit is the one I want to chat about now.

It all started with the aforementioned Barbossa.  I had planned to wear him to the prom because the rules, yep there are prom rules, state that you have to wear formal type clothing: suits, tuxes, gowns etc.  I figured that his long jacket, vest and cute little breeches would work well in that setting, he also has a suave hat.  I am a good seamstress, but not Barbossa good, so I was going to have the costume made.  The wonderful woman who was going to make it had something come up so we couldn't get it all put together before the con season started.  It's not a problem though as we will just work on it for next season.  So I have a ticket to this formal dance and nothing to wear, ok brain what can we pull off.

I realized that the ninja I was going as for the rest of the convention, more on him in a later post, could attend a prom just like every one else.  My very smart husband came up with the idea that we could get a suit for very little money at the Sears outlet near our house, I even got the dark read shirt I wanted! Go sears outlet.  I needed to make the suit a little more "him" so I whipped up this cute deserty, he hails from the land of sand, boutonniere from some fake flowers.  I thought it looked very desert grass. 

I amped up the tie with his ninja village symbol embroidered, that's right I used ninja and embroidered in the same sentence, on to it.  I really think it brought the whole sand village ninja prom outfit together. What do you think?

I love him in every way so this whole experience made me very happy!
I hope your "seasons" are going into full swing soon!
Keeping it ninja,


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