Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simultaneous Gardening Update

Staying at mom's during the reno definitely has advantages, other than the fact that we don't have to board dogs or stay in a construction zone.  Namely that her black raspberry crop is coming in strong.

These are not quite ready.  They need to be black.
She's had this patch off the dining room for as long as I can remember but the plants are huge this year. I'm not gonna lie, I totally eat half of the berries before they even make it into my bucket.  Here's what I got the other day.
Just the right color!
Almost an entire red solo cup full.  Yumm!  Imagine how many more there would have been if I hadn't been snacking while picking.  ;)  What's your fave summer crop?

Other than that the garden back on our home front is in full swing as well.  I check on it every week just to keep things weeded and harvested.

See that huge bush in the front corner.  That is 2 acorn squash plants.  Yes just two.  They seem to be taking over that entire side of the garden.  The other large mound on the right is our grapes.  I'm hoping we have enough to make jelly this year.  Other than that my flowers look beautiful.  I just wish we were at the house to be able to enjoy them more.  Soon, I tell myself, soon.

Grow on!


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