Friday, October 25, 2013

HTTC-Upcycled Pumpkins

The crafts that have been popping up both here and all over the internets for Halloween this year have been amazing!  I am very impressed with our guest posters this year, your creativity is quite inspiring.  So inspiring in fact that after checking out all of your posts I decided that I should keep crafting along spookily even after I finished my posts for the blog.  I dug through my crafts-to-do tub and found this little cutie half finished and begging for attention.  Her name is Punkin and she was a kit I bought in college.  When I say college I mean 1999.  I have had this craft partially finished in that tub for 13 years! Even though it took me so long to finish her I am proud of how she turned out.  I think she looks very cute with my skull and crossbones button art and sweater pumpkin.

My Halloween craft for this post are some cute pumpkins made from wood scraps I have collected.
I cut several pieces of varying heights from 2 x 4, 4 x 4, and 1 x 6.  I cut the stems from 1 x 1.  I used some orange and green spray paint I already had.  This craft was very much about making something fun out of bits and nubs I already had. 
I sanded the bottoms of the stems and glued them on to the painted pumpkins with wood glue.  I wanted to spice them up a touch so I used some floral wire to make little vines.
We wanted to make sure these guys wouldn't blow over in the wind, especially the 1 x 6 who was cut rather tall, so we added some nice strong yard spikes to the bottom.  And by yard spikes I mean big ole screws.  So we drilled some deep holes for the screw tops to fit into.

Again I used the wood glue and glued the screws in place in the bottoms.
We let them dry overnight and "planted" my little pumpkin patch right in the front yard near the road for everyone to enjoy.
I love my little cuties to no end as wood crafts really do make me happy.  I can't help but smile when I look at them.  All in all a very easy craft that ended up having way more of an impact on the look of my yard than I thought it would when I was working on it. This would be fun and inexpensive for scout troops to do so that each scout could have their own forever pumpkin.  Or a neat family craft where everyone can decorate their own jack-o-lantern. Anyway you look at this is a great holiday for crafting!
Have a Haunted Holidays,
Kelly, the origami ninja



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