Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fastest scarf ever me anyway

So I was in my trusty Joann today picking up one thing, which obviously meant I had a cart full of stuff and noticed this fun yarn as I was walking by the clearance bin.  This fluffy monster, Red Heart's Boutique Swerve, caught my eye because my mom had mentioned she liked a scarf made of a similar yarn when we were craft fair hopping last year.  Guess what today mom's birthday!  So I grabbed a neutral grey that goes with everything and headed to check out and back to my car load of dogs.  (Since we are all going to be friends here and if I've failed to mention it I think you all should know that I drive around with a car load of three dogs most of the time.  Even if it's just to go to the grocery store 90% of the time I have at least one dog in the car, unless the weather is too hot or cold, that is.  So yes, today there were three dogs waiting for me when I was done with my shopping excursion.)

Fast forward about 10 hours, I'm sitting on the couch and remembered that I had bought that funky yarn.  I've also failed to mention that I'm going to be seeing my mom tomorrow morning so I put myself in a little time crunch, as usual.  The label promised that you could make a scarf with one ball and in no time flat.  I planned on putting that to the test.

I took another look at the label before stripping the ball of fluff down to its birthday suit.

If you can read it the clearance label says $1.97, but it was actually less cuz Joann had a coupon today for 20% off everything, even sale items.  That brought the grand total for my mom's birthday present down to a whopping $1.58 + tax.  Here's the naked truth....

Yep, it kinda looks like a sleeping longhaired bunny on my couch, but not for long.  The label instructions were really good but I like to be thorough so I googled a tutorial found this is a great one from Red Heart.  It is a finger chained scarf, which I had never done but it was crazy easy.  I'm not kidding in telling you, start to finish, I was done in about 4 minutes.  That includes everything from unwrapping the yarn all the way to hiding the ends and with no crochet hook or knitting needle in sight.  The finished product is pretty adorable and I hope mom likes it.

On a side note, here's what Gidget did once I took it off her.  I had woken her up to take the scarf pic.

I'm totally writing this post at 11:45 at night, which explains the bad lighting in the photos but I felt inspired to put this post together fast.  Night owl that I am I'll probably be up for another hour or two anyway.

Chain on!

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  1. I like the big loops. You turned Gidget into a lion! Such a cutie-pie.