Saturday, August 2, 2014


We have a wonderful little historic site in our village that is hosting some chickens on loan from a local farm for the summer.  They were looking for volunteers to help take care of them, and with the promise of fresh eggs for free how could I refuse.  I've been visiting "the girls", as I call them, for the past few months and have to say I wish my suburb let us keep backyard chickens.  There are so many advantages to having them but there are still a ton of stereotypes and misconceptions about what it means to keep chickens.  Thankfully people's attitudes about this are changing but it's still rare in our area.  I find it funny that you can keep chickens in the city of Chicago but in hardly any of its suburbs.  STUPID!  Maybe if the board of the village I live in sees these chickens as an example of how great it can be they will also come over to the dark side.  There have been more and more towns around us changing their laws to accommodate backyard poultry so I remain hopeful.   Here's a little chicken video action from when Dan came with me to visit them.  You can even hear my husband trying to figure out how to use my phone.  True reality.

Does your hometown allow backyard poultry?  Do you wish it did?

Cluck on!


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