Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HTTC - Witchy Wreath Part 1

I decided to split this tutorial into two bite sized posts to make it easier to digest.  The first will show you how I put together a deco mesh wreath for the base and the second will be all about decorating.  Lets get started.


Work Wreath - I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  Try to get one that will blend in with the colors of mesh you're using.
Deco Mesh - I used one roll of a metallic orange kind and another roll that ended up being more of a decorative tule.
Ribbon - Wired kind really helps with shaping.  Wish I had thought of that before I put this one together.
Pipe cleaners (just in case)

1.  First you will want to adjust all the twist ties on your work wreath so they are sticking straight out instead of lying against the frame.  This makes it much faster and easier to attach your mesh.  Sorry there's no pic of this.

2.  Now take your first/major color and fold the end over by about 6-8 inches and attach it to one of the ties on the inner rim of the wreath.

3.  Now about every 12 inches or so down the roll you will be gathering to make the big bubbles of mesh.  Run your hands down the mesh so you are about 12 inches or so away from your first tie.  Gather the mesh into your fist and attach it to the next tie.  It will make a bubble/hump like this.
Continue gathering and attaching your mesh to the wreath until you get all the way around on the inner part of the wreath.

This is just the inner ring of ties.
After you have finish the inside ring of the wreath you'll do the same thing on the outer ring.  Don't bother cutting the mesh.  Just start attaching it and run around the whole thing.  When you get to the last tie to complete the circle just cut about a 6-8 inch tail and fold it over to hide the raw edge and attach it to the tie just like you did at the beginning.

4.   Now we will add your second color/decorative tule.  I love this one I found that is shear except for the glittery spiderwebs.
You will be doing the same process as with the orange mesh.  The only difference I choose to do is to zig zag between the inner and outer ties to make it look more random.  You can see how I gather the tule to make a poof below.  I insert and tie it in the same way as the mesh.  I just did one pass zig zagging all the way around and tiring it off in the back like with the mesh.
Orange mesh + purple web tule

5.  Final step for this part of the tutorial is to add the ribbon.  It is done the same way as the previous two steps just not much gathering cuz its pretty narrow.
I tried to stagger my ribbon from the tule to make them overlap a little but you can do whatever you want.  This is the step where you would use the optional pipe cleaners.  I keep them handy so in case there isn't a tie where I want the ribbon to go I can attach one to the frame as needed.
Feel free to adjust and shift around any of the fabrics until you get a balance that's just right.  I like a lot of color towards the middle so the center piece we will make next, that is black, will stand out.

YOU'RE DONE!  Mr. Biscuit volunteered to inspect my wreath and I got the paw print of approval.

Stop by Friday to see part 2 of this tutorial.

Craft on!


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