Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mr. Bun

It is with a heavy heart that I type this, our very own Easter bunny crossed over the rainbow bridge on Monday.

We cannot remember when exactly we got Mr. Bun, it must have been eight or nine years ago.  My husband found him hopping around in a washroom in one of the forest preserves where he works.  Mr. Buns former family gave him one more act of kindness before leaving him as they had placed him in a bathroom with a heater and they had left him a bowl of water using one of the dog dishes the district leaves out for hikers to use.  My husband said he was easily caught and transported, he kept him warm, and brought him into our family.  He was in good health and seemed like a calm good natured bun. We never knew why his family left him but if they hadn't he would not have been able to bring so much happiness to our lives, so I owe then that.  Red eyed animals are harder for shelters to adopt out but they have never bothered us, we have three guinea pigs with them too.  We learned that he had no interest in carrots, despite what the cartoon tells you, but did have a love of bananas.

In his youth with us he was big into leaping and hopping around like a big silly fluffy cloud.  He loved to rub his chin on all the furniture and mark it as his own, letting the guinea pigs know that he owned the place.  When he felt naughty he would sneak up on you and try to nibble holes in your clothing before you noticed what he was up to!  In his middle age he calmed down a bit and began a new phase of bunnydom.  We used to joke that since he had black ears and a black nose and deep grey feet that he was a little goth in his wizened outlook on life.  We thought he would write poetry about how the night is dark like his soul or that the world is cold like his life, perhaps he wore skinny jeans and had a garage band that got together to practice while we were at work.  All of this creativity was to earn the affections of our friend Sarah that we think he had a crush on.  She is adorably petite and blond and he fancied himself her knight in shining armor.

As a senior bun he used to while away the hours sitting on top of his castle soaking in the sun.  He would rarely stir unless pressed with treats or pets, he would rather warm himself than be bothered by our activities. He looked like a steamed bun with his ears resembling grill marks so we called him manju bun during these long naps.  Even the guinea pigs demanding food could not wake him when he committed to these relaxations  

We never set out to be bunny parents, I always assumed that we would be dog, cat, and guinea pig parents, but never bunnies.  I am unsure if we will ever care for another rabbit, but rest assured if another homeless bun crosses our path he or she will be welcomed with love and a castle in the sun. We love you Mr. Bun and we will look forward to seeing you again someday.


  1. I am so sorry. As a child, my sister had two pet rabbits and their deaths were so difficult for all of us. They lived in our backyard and would come up to the back door and scratch to be let in, just like a cat would. Big hugs to you!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr.Bun. I had 2 red eyed bunnies when I was younger, and they were just wonderful. Their diet definitely went beyond carrots and included telephone wires, corners of doors…I'm glad he brought you so much joy :)

  3. So sorry to hear that. Those eyes & white fur remind me of the guinea pig I had before we had kids. It sounds like you gave him a very happy life and have many sweet memories.