Monday, December 22, 2014

The Evil Ornament Challenge Part 2

If you read Kelly's last post you'll know a little about the title of this post.  I bought about six of these 4 packs of glass ornaments after Christmas from the clearance bin a couple years ago. Yep I said years. They were a deal too good to pass up being only .99 for a four pack theater was originally 3.99. They have been taking up valuable storage space in the craft room ever since. As Kelly mentioned I recently moved the craft room to the first floor of our house(reveal post coming soon) and decided to purge them in the best way I know how....a Crafty Challenge!  The only rule was that you have to make 4 different ornaments, medium was up to the crafter.

I'm all about glitter this year so I knew it would play a part of at least a couple of my ornaments.  Here is instructions on how to apply the glitter to the inside of the ornament.  Other than that I winged it the whole way.  Here's what I came up with.

In true Anita's-fashion I couldn't just stop at the assigned 4 ornaments. There were two additional rogue ornaments in the storage bin so I decided to do something with them as well.  So here's the run down of what I did with each one.
I took inspiration from a Santa ornament somewhere on the net for this one. Inside was coated in fine red glitter and suit elements were made from ribbon.  A classic look.

This was the easiest of all six. I coated the inside with blue glitter and stuck on rhinestone paw print stickers to all four sides. That's it!

In contrast this was the ornament that took the longest. I sifted through my button jar and found enough festive red buttons to plaster the exterior of my if my blanks.  This was a little like putting together a jig saw puzzle.  After all the buttons were hot glued in place I filled it with fake snow to make it look so much nicer.

Then there's the polka dot glitter ornament. For the remaining ornaments I painted the outside with glass specific paint, baked them according to the bottle instructions and then filled the interior,  I felt it needed a little something extra so then came the bow.  This one may become a gift.

The snowmen were pretty easy aside from using a super tiny brush to paint their features.  The hubby even picked out the glitter color from my stash because I couldn't decide.  GREAT CHOICE!

And then there is my favorite.  I painted on this woodland cabin scene and then coated the inside with a dark blue glitter.  Its like a twinkly star christmas night.  Really proud of this one.

Sadie liked them all so much that she tried to decorated herself instead of the tree with them.
Nice try, adorable old dog.

Craft on!

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  1. Awesome, you have inspired me. I picked up 2 trays of 6 ball ornaments a few years ago. I thought I would do something brilliant and crafty with them and I didn't. So I will do something with one per month in 2015! Thanks for the inspiration and Merry Christmas.