Saturday, October 10, 2015

HTTC - Glowing Ghost Ornaments

So I've had these awesome black wire trees in my Halloween decor arsenal for some time now.  They originally came with orange glass containers to hang candles from their branches but they all broke long ago.  I've been thinking about what to hang from their limbs and what was missing from my display were some spooky ghosts.  How do we make them extra spooky?  Make them glow in the dark!

Ghost template
White Felt
Scrap white yarn - only about 3" for each ghost
Glow in the Dark puffy paint - I used the Tulip brand.
Glue gun with sticks

1. First trace your desired number of ghosts onto a piece of white felt and cut them out.

2.  Now glue those ghosts down to a second piece of white felt leaving the head glue free.  Don't Glue the Head Yet!

3.  Peal back the ghosts head sandwich and place a dollop of hot glue there.  Take a piece of your white yarn and double it over, sticking the ends in your glue dollop.

Squish the head closed.

4.  Now you will break out your puffy paint.

First add the face.

Then outline the ghost's whole body.

You will want to let these dry completely before hanging them.  The bottle recommended 4 hours but that might change with your temperature and humidity.  Check out how cool the glow paint looks in the dark.

Here's how they look on the trees.  Spooky!
Gidget thought they also make a great statement necklace.

Haunt on!


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