Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Owlery

Here they are folks: the OWLS, natures stalkers.  I mean seriously, check out the eyes on these critters.  Yeah they look all cute and adorable, and when they do that one-eye-then-the-other slow blink thing it is quite possibly the most squee worthy action in the animal kingdom, but it is all a ruse. WHOO do you think is peeking in your windows at night? And all that sweet sounding HOOTING? Talk of world domination, that's what that is.  But there is a bit of a hiccup in their plan......we are already under the dominion of another, and they will not give up their willing slaves. I am referring, of course, to the family dog.
But without further ado.....the owls.
Big eyes, little feet, sticks, no sticks...shoot one even has a monocle! Creativity abounds with this wonderful craft project.  All kinds of fabrics can be used, and small scraps are put to good use here.  Mismatched buttons and beads are given new life as eyes.  pipe cleaners, pom-poms, googlie eys, and felt; all ingredients of childhood memories, and now all adorn a fine owlery of hooters.

As you can see it takes a veritable army of fine crafting women to get that large of a flock made but we ate, drank, ate again, giggled, and gossiped our way through the difficult work given to us.  We cut, sewed, stitched, glued, stuffed, and ironed our big-eyed babies until well after dark, and since it's summer, you can chalk that up as decently late into the evening. Check out the concentration and dedication to the selection of eyes we have going on here!
We were cranking out these wonderful little cuties at record pace even with the Twilight Soundtrack crooning slow emo music in the background.  But sometimes one has to take a moment and show off the fine workmanship that has gone into an object, the work of a good solid hour of laughing at odd shaped buttons or off placed pom-poms meant to be feet.

We did all we could with our squee-able owley friends in hopes that our offering to the Lord Reagent would be acknowledged.  Would our fine selection of fabrics be enough? Would the sticks taunt her in ways we could not imagine? Would she even notice our gifts after someone dropped some tortilla chips on the floor over near the snack area?
In the end it was accepted, and our hard work noticed by she who rules this humble craft room.

Love to all who craft,

Fabric of all types of coolness, retroness, fuzziness, and/or patterned-ness (is that even close to being a word)
Buttons, all those extra ones that come with clothes finally get put to good use!
Floss, the crafty kind, not the minty kind, unless you like that sort of thing.....
Stuffing, the crafty kind, not the.......ok I think we got the joke
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Felt for the feeties (optional but very cute)
Sticks for pearches (optional but again, cute)


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