Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lets go a shoppin'

So since Kelly is off on her trip to China (totally jealous) its up to me to keep posting and keep you engaged, blog reader.  I finished this awesome grocery bag tonight when I got home from work.

Originally this bag was the second project from our first craft day but the owls were such a hoot, noone had time for a second project.  One of the girls, Katy, was ambitious enough to start working on her bag but didn't get far before the backyard bonfire and s'mores were calling our names.  I told her I would finish the bag so we could retreat to the backyard to partake in the true highlight of the evening, s'mores with Reeses PB cups (orgasmic sugar experience).  Thanks to my hubby for starting and tending the fire while we toiled over our crafty trinkets.

The fabric for this bag was the reason Katy wanted to finish it that night.  Its totally cute, not to mention the polka dot fabric that I used as a lining.  The bag itself would have been alot shorter of a project had I not sewn one of the handles on backward.  Seam ripper to the rescue.  Now, the only thing left is to hand the finished product over to Katy so she can fill it with yummies from the grocery store instead of those nasty store plastic bags.  The less of them the better.  Did you know that worldwide we consume almost 1 million plastic bags every minute and that each bag can take up to 1000 years to degrade.  That's insane.  GO GREEN and bring your own reusable bags!
Besides who wouldn't want to carry their apples and bratwurst home in this bag.  
A crazy person that's who.  

Oh and of course through all the frustration and excitement Sadie maintained her permanent position as gatekeeper and guardian of the craft space.  What can I say?  She's passionate about her work.

Craft on!


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