Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Coffee Snug

My husband, Dan, has a severe addiction to coffee.  He even worked in a coffee packing plant for some time to support his habit.  Since then we have acquired all kinds of brewing devices and exotic coffee blends because who wants a plain cup of instant coffee.  I however do appreciate that he drinks it black.  Very manly. ;)  So logically being the crafty dog she is Sadie thought of making him a reusable accessory to add to the collection.  Enter the Coffee Snug.
This was actually based off a free pattern I found on the internet but I modified it some to acomodate the supplies I had on hand.  It's actually a really simple project and only took about a half hour to complete from start to finish.  I had some scrap organic cotton laying around from another project so in the spirit of being GREEN I figured it was the perfect choice.  The original pattern called for a layer of batting on the inside for padding but I didn't think it was enough.  My hubby likes his coffee scalding so I beefed up the insulation factor by adding a layer of felt on the outside.  The button was in my random button bin and the loop is made from extra elastic I had laying around the craft room.
I love excuses to hand stitch small projects.  I also like things that are handmade to look handmade so I did all the topstitching with a brown embroidery thread.  (I'm always giving Dan crap about how his favorite colors remind me of poop.  Suffice it to say he appreciated the brown lining and stitching.)  I made this on the perfect day too because we are just starting to get that fall weather that Dan and I love.  To celebrate the temperature change I went to grab the snug for a coffee run and found Sadie red handed.  (Or should I say red pawed.)  
Leave it to my dog to think up a project that has multiple uses.  Instead of coffee this project also makes for a great snout warmer on brisk fall days.  

Craft on!


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